Friday, July 1, 2011

SiteMap XML and HTML Increasing Index Rate

Site map are basically two types HTML site map and XML site map. HTML site map is acronym Hyper Text Markup Language site map and XML site map is acronym Extensible Markup Language site map
Site map are use to list the entire web site page in single page. There all the links is listed in hierarchy and also add description of all the pages. The HTML site map is added by user point of view to find the entire page in single page to easily navigate. That way HTML site map is created by user indexing crawler and ranking point of view. XML site map is created in a site not for user but only search engine crawler points of view, URL of the web site are very easily indexed. XML site is submitted in Google Yahoo! and MSN search engine this will not only help to de indexing of your site but also ranking and also visibility in search engine.

RSS Feed Helping Search Engine Ranking

The RSS Feed is acronym Really Simple Syndication also called Rich Site Summary is updated web content, text like most of News site, web blogs and most of online publication is updated there content regularly.RSS feed is show that when a website is added new content, Image, message of user and also there latest services in a website the user get latest heading image content at one place. Now I things you can understands about RSS Feed, what about their benefited about use and also publisher. The user gets latest updates and avoided unwanted search. The Feed is machine – readable, but Web Designing India the Search engine spiders don’t have to know which parts of website is important and which parts have regularly updates. Google is given value to fresh content and get high ranking in Search engine. You just add feed in your website and adding good and fresh content regular basis and resistor your feed in search engine then your site automatically up in search engine.RSS Feed is of two types one are Partial Feed and second one is Full Feed. In a partial feed including heading of content, very shorts summary of content or link of the content. But some reader prefer full feed of contents that mean they go back to your site and get at all content of your website.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Social Bookmarking

The social bookmarking website are of two types No-follow Bookmarking & Do follow Bookmarking. first of all all we can clear Do-follow and No-follow recommendation regarding to search engine. Google don't follow, No-follow link.It can't pass any link juice to an outbound links. But Yahoo!MSN follow, No-follow links but can't pass any link juice is pr adaptation.
The one way link building or back link of the your site URL give the value in Google over a long time. The process of getting back link are bookmark your quality content if most popular high pr social bookmarking site, that generally not used no follow content. Now we can clear how we can bookmark for SEO point of view. You know the purpose of this process is that generate quality back links to our valuable website contents. We consider each page of website we can bookmark for a optimized a specific keywords. Here are the basic three past of website content we can use in bookmark

The Title



First time idea of Bookmarking in comes in 1996 which are share thought Internet. The main advantage of social bookmarking website are it make the process of searching, managing and also indexing and de-indexing of all bookmarking information in easier way. One more important benefit of social bookmarking is that you can access the entire bookmarking anywhere on the internet.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Google Sandbox

The term sandbox is come in March 2004,for aggressive and several times  optimization for a new website to high competitive keywords to get better Search engine results pages (SERP).The penalty of website for Search engine (Google) is know as sand boxing. Google always given more value of old age domain as compared to new domain,for this Google launch a sandbox concept only for new domain. the sand box effect is applicable for a long time if you should optimize your website for a  more competitive
as compared to have a website less competitive keyword. 

it is applicable only when
the domain age of website is less then 1 years
the Website are good ranking for a competitive keywords in Google Yahoo! MSN
if Keywords id more competitive

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Blogs

Blogs mean Web Logs; it is a kind website where you have to free for publishing anything related to your personal issue, business, education, finance, sports, movies and entertainment.